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RAM Holdings Berhad (RAM) and its group of companies is a leading provider of independent credit ratings, sustainability and ESG analytics, macroeconomic and fixed income research, risk analytics and consulting, as well as bond information services. With our deep databank and a pool of analytical resources, we deliver precise analyses on macroeconomic trends, and also provide industry and firm-level assessments that help investors and market participants make better decisions.

RAM Rating Services Berhad (RAM Ratings) is the largest credit rating agency in Southeast Asia (ASEAN). Since inception, it has rated over USD450 billion bonds by more than 750 entities globally. The rating agency leads Malaysia in thought leadership for credit ratings, Islamic finance, and macroeconomic research.

RAM is committed to sustainability and supports industry initiatives to promote socially responsible financing in the capital market. RAM Sustainability Sdn Bhd (RAM Sustainability) is the first provider of sustainability ratings and second opinions in ASEAN and is an approved verifier of climate bonds certification in Malaysia. It is the 1st ASEAN observer of the Green Bond and Social Bond Principles, and is a member of the GRI Community in Malaysia.

For more information on our services, visit  www.ram.com.my.

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