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RAM CreditSCAN™ is an on-demand service for the credit risk assessment and monitoring of non-financial companies, based on RAM’s established methodologies.

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R1ESGo™ ratings are a risk-focused evaluation of the relevance and impact of a range of ESG factors in economic activities.

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LECA™ is an assessment service for companies based in Labuan IBFC, offering insights and clarity for confident decision making.

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Book An Economist

Book An Economist is a
briefing service for firms
seeking an in-depth perspective on macroeconomic trends and issues to stay informed and
plan better.

Power Your Future

The key to success requires not only the right information, but also the ability to take calculated risks.

RAM Analytics provides the data and tools you need to uncover and decipher these risks – from macroeconomy to firm-level credit, financial performance and sustainability analytics. We serve all business segments across diverse sectors via on-demand or bespoke services.

Power your future now with us!

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About the RAM Group

RAM Analytics is the new portal for RAM Group’s analytics services. We provide data and risk assessment services for company performance, credit rating as well as sustainability or ESG profiling. On a broader scale, we deliver macroeconomic and industry risk analyses and forecasts.

Our deep databank and team of experienced professionals ensure you will always have access to best-in-class research and insights from us. Our passion for excellence means we’re always discovering ways to innovate and evolve to serve you better.