About RAM MFRS 9 SaaS

RAM MFRS 9 SaaS is an on-demand software that automatically generates expected credit loss (ECL) calculations for fixed income instruments, as required by the Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards 9.

With core analytics powered by comprehensive and long-dated rating agency and recovery data, RAM MFRS 9 SaaS offers estimations on default probabilities for up to a 30-year horizon, and computes 12-month or lifetime ECL at instrument and portfolio level.

The solution also contains a dynamic ECL scenario module that handles the complexities of modelling and simulations for users, allowing quick appreciation and analysis of credit risk.

  • Customisable & easy to use
  • Automatic rating and sector mapping for rated instruments
  • Dynamic and comprehensive probability-weighted scenario testing
  • Import/export of data for reporting and analysis
  • Valuable third-party validation or benchmarking tool for users’ existing systems
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